Latitude Diamaris (suv)

MICHELIN Latitude Diamaris and MICHELIN 4×4 Diamaris are the only 4×4 sports tyres that are homologated1 on the Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes ML, VW Touareg, Volvo XC90, BMW X3 and X5.

Rim Diameter Tyre Size Load Index Speed Index Price
18 225/55R18 98 V RM1085
20 275/40R20 106 Y RM2007
22 295/30R22 111 Y RM2504

*All prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or Recommended Retail Price. Actual dealer price may vary. Prices may also vary for vehicles with a technical / legal requirement for reinforced (extra load) tyres. Please contact our person in-charged for more details.


Product Description

Product Benefit:

  • Specially built to meet the stringent requirements of the most prestigious vehicles
  • Delivers exceptional handling and sports performance on both dry and wet road surfaces
  • Offers superior comfort and silence to enhance driving pleasure
  • Technology:
  • Safety

     Thanks to the asymetric pattern

    The large shoulder blocks, as a part of the asymmetric tread pattern, give driver maximum grip on the most challenging roads.

  • Handling & sport performance

    Thanks to the continuous centre rib

    The continuous and unbroken centre rib never leaves the road. This combined with the advanced Michelin BAZ™ technology provides a direct and constant link to the driver, accurately transmitting steering input and road feedback.


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