Latitude cross

Latitude Cross (SUV)

MICHELIN Latitude Cross tyres deliver the traction of an off-oad tyre, the comfort of an on-road tyre, with exceptional .

Rim Diameter Tyre Size Load Index Speed Index Price
15 205/70R15 96 T RM554
215/70R15 98 T RM470
225/70R15 100 T RM577
235/75R15 109 T RM712
255/70R15 108 H RM547
255/70R15C 108 H RM547
16 215/70R16 100 T RM639
245/70R16 111 T RM731
255/65R16 109 T RM950
275/70R16 114 T RM823
17 235/65R17 108 H RM935
265/65R17 112 H RM1001
275/65R17 115 T RM987
18 255/55R18 109 H RM1486
 *All prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or Recommended Retail Price. Actual dealer price may vary. Prices may also vary for vehicles with a technical / legal requirement for reinforced (extra load) tyres. Please contact our person in-charged for more details.

Product Description

Product Benefit:

  • Traction of an off-road tyre

    More grip on any kind of surface.

  • Comfort of an on-road tyre

    As quiet as a MICHeLIN on-road tyre1.

  • Exceptional mileage

    High resistance to gravel abrasion to provide 20% longer mileage2.

  • (1) Pass-by noise test carried out in Europe in 2008, compared with MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP.
  • (2) Based on MICHELIN internal tests results in Thailand, compared to leading competitors.
  • Technology:
    • All-Terrain Traction

      Thanks to the Mud Catcher tread pattern

      Unique Mud Catcher shoulder design: offset, very open and extending far down the sidewalls.

      Large number of bitting edges.

    • Comfort and silence

      Thanks to the silent tread design

      Inner shoulder: unique curved tread block design that enables a greater number of biting edges per block to decrease noise emissions and enhance wet and snow performances. Outer shoulder: large number of different sized and spaced shoulder blocks to provide a quieter ride while improving off-road performance.


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